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Smart City was again stressed that the field of security remain market space
DATE:2016/5/3 16:19:34
The latest release of "national new urbanization plan" shows the wisdom of the city is still the focus of future urbanization construction, and push the animals networking, cloud computing, big data and other emerging technologies. Analysis, security equipment as cloud computing, big data applications, "entrance", the next few years will have a growing market space.
Earlier analysts said an industry source, the wisdom of continuing to promote the city will bring greater security especially in the field of security video equipment orders resources, because they belong to the wisdom of the overall urban project subsystem video security equipment necessary to some extent.
In addition, smart city system in the cloud, big data applications are architecture in massive data base in order to capture on video cameras. According to the security industry five-year plan to 2015 video surveillance system output will reach 110 billion yuan.
"Planning" content display, future smart city construction material resources will co-ordinate urban development, information resources and intellectual resources, to promote networking, cloud computing, a new generation of innovative applications of information technology, big data, realize the depth of integration and social development of the urban economy ʱ??
Policy level, the smart city "Sturm und Drang." Department of Housing and total national smart city pilot has reached 193, the pilot list Ministry announced also more than 140, more than 40 prefecture-level cities in the "second five" plan or government work report formally proposed the construction of smart city, more than 80% Construction of two cities clearly smart city development goals.
In addition to the new market, the market has gradually expanded equipment update. According to China Merchants Securities research report data, security cameras lifetime 3-5 years, due to the size of the camera after huge stock market is expected to scale future replacement also can reach about 20 million units per year, while 2014 is expected to total shipments of approximately Webcam 2900 ten thousand.
Currently, the field of security industry sales increased significantly. UOB shares (002236.SZ) annual disclosure of Sunday, the company in 2013 sales of 6,576,000 (sets), representing a substantial increase of 108.62%. And another giant Hikvision (002415.SZ) results of Letters show its 2013 revenue growth over 48% of the total over 10.7 billion yuan.
On the secondary market, security sector among the biggest gainers in early trading Monday, as of midday plate up 35.72 points, or 1.62 percent.
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